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Blue-J Small Office Cleaning

1051 Michael Ave.
Concord, NC 28025

Blue-J is a social business offering eco-friendly cleaning services in Charlotte NC. We are committed towards conserving the environment by using eco-friendly cleaning products. However, Blue-J is also a social business in utilizing people on the autistic spectrum by providing them employment through janitorial services in charlotte NC. We do this because we understand Autism to be a parallel track of thinking in most cases rather than a disorder or a disability. The word disability itself implies a lack of abilities where Autism is known to give some unique abilities. Thus to call this circumstance a disability would be a misnomer. Consider the consequences of labeling a parallel track of thinking a disability. The unemployment rate of those with disabilities is 85-90%. Blue J is one of the leading Charlotte’s cleaning services providers that has set exceptionally high standards in professional ethics and work-proficiency. We provide eco-friendly cleaning services in Charlotte NC while contributing to the development of the community by encouraging those on the Autism Spectrum. Our persistent efforts in encouraging them to develop self-confidence and skills have resulted in transforming their lives for better. Contact us if you want to have your small offices cleaned by our competent team of cleaners in Charlotte, NC using top-grade eco-friendly products.