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NeQueela Deas-Blanton

Committee to Elect NeQueela Deas-Blanton
35 Church St. S
Suite 106
Concord, NC 28213

I am NeQueela Deas-Blanton, Charlotte, NC native, and candidate for the Cabarrus County School Board. My husband John R. Blanton is a local attorney. We are the proud parents, of two amazing sons, living with disabilities Ne'Quan, living with Cerebral Palsy and John, who lives with Down Syndrome and ADHD. Education is at the heart of everything that we do. And, success begins by ensuring that every student is equally, receiving the best education possible. By allocating additional funds to support our educational programs, adding more specialized program options for our Exceptional Children's program, placing a continued focus on low-performing, high-needs schools, expanding our wrap around services, like mental health, and reducing the number of major behavioral infractions, namely, suspensions, we can begin to exceed the state's overall goals, and unify our educational system in Cabarrus County. This is an ultimate WIN, for our community!