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Positively Ballroom - Concord, NC

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Founded 2004

The Art of Social Dancing - One Step at a Time ® Fun. Community. Positive Environment. These are just a few of the positive feelings that you will experience after joining us for a night of dancing with our studio. As a student, you will feel valued and accepted as part of our dance community. Our low pressure environment allows you to have fun as you learn. The word "Positive" is a driving factor in how we operate our business and how we choose to live our lives. These are feelings that we strive to instill in each student, every time you walk through our studio door, whether you are with us for just one hour or for years to come. Our teaching process Positively Ballroom Dance Studio focuses on having fun while learning how to dance. Our program is designed with the regular person in mind, including people with "two left feet". Our classes feature lessons on dance technique, leading/following and fun dance patterns, what we refer to as "The Art of Social Dancing". Class content is broken down into manageable pieces, which helps make it easy for you to learn and remember. We refer to this process as learning to dance "One Step at a Time." We also make sure to take time to review and practice as this helps to reinforce new material and remember previous training. Students rave about our low pressure environment, which they say creates an atmosphere where everyone can have a good time. Our process teaches students of all ages how to be confident and comfortable in a dance environment; how to listen to the tempo of music; select an appropriate dance for a song; and how to interact with other people in a positive way on the dance floor. We welcome a diversity of people and maintain a professional environment dedicated to dance education through "The Art of Social Dancing - One Step at a Time".®