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Cabarrus Shrine Club

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Don't rent from the Cabarrus Shrine Club!!! They are SNEAKY and MISLEADING. 2 weeks after the event I called to ask about my deposit. The man made a 100 excuses....he said I entered the place prior to the even, then he said they had to clean more than usual. Then his other excuse was, that they showed me the place many times than they usually do. IT WAS ONE EXCUSE AFTER ANOTHER. They gave the key a week early since no one was renting and Terry said I could go by with my decorator to show her the place. He said the 14 board members decided I was a bad renter. They used all these excusing to stay with my deposit. I left the place cleaner than it was even given to me. He is lucky I didnt request all my money back because the day of the event I notice their were mice traps in the kitchen!!!! Thats probably why they find every excuse not to show you the place more than once. They hide behind the fact that they do this for the childrens hospital but they are a bunch of sneaky crooks!

Submitted on October 31, 2016