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Different Ways To Explore Nature

Mar 17, 2021 09:29AM ● By Kristy Huddle

Technology provides us with so much entertainment, but it can also keep us from noticing things in the real world. This holds true for adults and kids alike. If you want to take a break from the screens and gain a better appreciation for the environment around you, try out these different ways to explore nature.

Walking on Trails

With a bit of searching, you can find local nature trails in your area. These are perfect to visit when you want to get some exercise. You’ll be able to view plants and wildlife that you might not see on a regular day in your house as well. It’s also up to you to choose whether you want to go on brief walks or commit to day outings on lengthier trials. The accessibility of walking makes it suitable for the whole family. Don’t let rainy days discourage you. With the right gear, you can still hike in such conditions. Put on some waterproof boots and a rain jacket and you should be good to go. Rain will change the sights, sounds, and scents that outdoor settings give off. This can make it worthwhile to try hiking in the rain, especially on familiar and less strenuous trails.

Creating a Birdfeeder

There are countless bird species that live around your neighborhood. To gain a closer look at them, create a birdfeeder! The process of building one from scratch can make for an enjoyable DIY craft. For instance, if yours is wooden, you can adorn it with painted designs. Once you’re done, you can hang the birdfeeder right outside a window. Nearby birds are bound to come and perch on the feeder, attracted by the food. When it’s raining, you may see more birds than usual because the feeder guarantees a supply of food during times when other sources are more difficult to find. You just need to make sure to keep the feed dry so that bacteria doesn’t start to proliferate in it. Place your feeder under an overhanging section of your patio roof or add a small rain guard to do this. You can then take pictures of your avian visitors and keep a journal of what you see.

Riding a Bicycle

For those who want an activity that is more fast paced, riding bicycles is one of the different ways to explore nature that we recommend. You’ll be able to move faster and go farther than you can by walking. Furthermore, a bicycle can give you a reason to get outside more frequently in your weekly schedule. There are also bicycles that you can use on rougher terrain and through rain and snow so that you can truly immerse yourself in the natural world. A prominent example is an electric bike with fat tires. This type of bicycle has a motor that will keep you moving even when you meet more ground resistance. The wide tires also have enough traction to function regardless of the weather outside.

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