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Latest 'Up Front' Episode Discusses new Cabarrus Dream Center

May 05, 2021 04:49PM ● By Jason Huddle

The Cabarrus Dream Center, located in Concord, recently celebrated its official opening and we wanted to tell you all about this wonderful community resource. The center is a location where those who are underserved can get the help they need in several areas, all under one roof. In this episode, we speak with Pastor Gwen Stowers, of Multiply Church, as she explains how the Dream Center came to be, hoe you can utilize its resources or help, and what the vision is for the center's future!
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Just a head on up front with the Cabarrus magazine



COVID has certainly proven that it doesn't matter the demographic that you are. Everyone has a need at some point in life. And we do our best to help meet the needs of anyone who wants to the doors of the Dream Center.


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We're talking with Pastor Gwynn's towers for multiply church in Concord, all about the newly open Kabira stream center.



There's four initiatives that a person needs to come up out of poverty, socio economic support, health care, support, mental health care, support, and statistics have proven the faith based initiatives.


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Join us as we talk about the Dream Center its new role in our community, and what the vision is for the future. That's coming up right now on upfront with Gabeira magazine, a presentation of catco Media Group and sponsored by Atlantic Bay mortgage group in mind and family of dealerships. Premier is Healthcare Foundation, Geico, Concord Mills office, House of steel, level of Realty and new hope Worship Center. I'm your host Jason Huddle. Welcome my friends to another edition of upfront wicker Barris magazine. I am your host Jason Huddle. And this is Episode 99. We're going to talk about Episode 100. At the end of the program, I want to talk to you about what we're going to be doing next week. But first, let's handle this week just this past weekend, the cupbearer scream center did an official ribbon cutting all those some of the services within the Dream Center have been operating for a while things like the food pantry and gate pregnancy center. But I think this is a wonderful addition to our community because it enables people who need assistance to come to one place and get the assistance they need in various areas, whether it be prenatal issues, or just needing some food in the pantry or even dental services. These are things that are available at the Dream Center. And people can come to one place which as you know cabarrus County has gotten very spread out. And so if you don't have one place, you might spend the entire day going from location to location trying to get the things that you need for your family. And a lot of times these are single parent households, so they don't have that flexibility that some others do. So we're gonna get into all that with Pastor gwynns towers from multiply church who is heading up the Dream Center, but not before shameless plug time. Please allow me to ask you a question. Have you engaged with careers magazine on social media many of you have, but a few of you have not. And we have two pages I want to draw your attention to today. The first is are upfront with cabarrus magazine group page. This is a page where you can chime in on issues we've discussed on this show, or create new conversations. This is also a place for you to give us your opinion on things that you would like to hear about so so please jump on to our Facebook group page. It's up front with cupbearer us magazine group page and also our careers magazine page on Facebook. Right now we have a poll. We're asking people what they enjoy doing in cabarrus. County. We're preparing articles for the next issue of our print edition. And one of the things we're going to be discussing is what are some favorite things that people love to do around our community? This is going to be very useful, especially for people who are new to our community or even visiting our community. It'll give them some ideas of what they can do, and it doesn't even have to cost any money. But we want to hear your opinions. That's a question that's posted right now on our cupbearer magazine page, please jump in on our Facebook pages and join in the discussion. And that is today's shameless plug time. All right, my fellow careers countians. Stay tuned. Pastor gwynns towers from multiply church is up next to talk about the cupbearer scream center.


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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and the color blue symbolizes child abuse. Over 200 children are seen at the Children's Advocacy Center at jeff gordon Children's Center in Concord each year. We are looking for teams and businesses to help us raise funds for children who are victims of child abuse and have to seek medical care pick any day in April to wear blue for a $5 donation with your team or business visit canberras healthcare for more information that's cupbearer us Healthcare Foundation dot o RG


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welcome back to the program we are joined today by Pastor Gwynn's towers of multiply church formerly known as Concord first assembly. For those of you that aren't familiar, they changed their name recently. And Gwynn pastor Gwynn is now in charge, among her many other duties of the newly opened cupbearer Dream Center. So first of all, Pastor Gwyn, thank you so much for being on the program today.



Thanks so much, Jason, for having me. And I will say I'm Pastor admissions and outreach. I'm definitely not the pastor of multiply church who I wouldn't even want the tremendous responsibility that gets with that job. But thank you for having me.


Jason Huddle  05:43

Well, thank you for that clarification. Yeah, I'm sure there are many pastors on staff over there at multiply church. And you guys are doing a great job of reaching out to the community. Let's talk a little bit about the Dream Center that just celebrated the ribbon cutting, I believe, last weekend. So let's talk about that. But first of all, this has been a vision of yours and many others. That has been a long time coming. So tell us a little bit about your vision for the Dream Center and how that came to be.



Sure. Actually, the vision for the Dream Center began over 20 years with our founding pastor, as you know, we were once first assembly of Concord. And then we changed to Concord first assembly, we've had several name changes. We are believing this one is the last one. But our founding pastor Tom wooden, who just passed away, had this dream about 20 years ago, when he heard about the dream centers that were based out of Los Angeles, Pastor Tommy Barnett and his son Matthew started a Dream Center in LA. And basically, at that time, they were reaching out to the homeless community who were mostly veterans, many of them had addictions, and they wanted to help them with addiction recovery and get them back on their feet. And then it turned into more than that it started focusing years down the road, it's sort of focusing on human trafficking survivors, and also the single parents who have such tremendous needs with the single parent income. And so out of that Dream Center, which this year, we'll be 26 years old. The second one was in Phoenix, Arizona, and then there are now over 140 dream centers around the country.



Now a network that you can be a part of, and we became a part of that network at the beginning of 2019. When pastor Tom heard about the dream centers, he wanted to start something like that here in cabarrus. County. And that vision really just never came to pass during his leadership here at the church. And then in 2008, the county started looking for a way to bring a lot of the nonprofit organizations together. And they call that initiative, the under one roof initiative. They had started talking about that a little bit before that, and then the recession of 2008 hit. And so that conversation was tabled. And that was just to be able to bring resources to our community, those who were in need in one location, so they wouldn't have to travel all the way around the county in order to get the resources that they needed in order to survive. And so in 2017, that conversation began again, with our community leaders. And I was sitting on the board of cooperative Christian ministry at that time, I still am, sit on the board of cooperative Christian ministry and started hearing them talk about this under one roof initiative. The one challenge that they always faced was having a location for that, at the same time that I heard them talking about that our new lead senior pastor now, Dr. Douglas, with a rub came to me and said, Gwen, I want to re open this idea of a Dream Center here in cabarrus. County, and we had some space at the village here in Concord. And he said, Just take a look at this begin to dream about this. What can we do to turn this into a Dream Center? And so the two conversations began at the same time they coincided with one another. It was God's timing, perfect timing. And so we began to have those conversations and the under one roof initiative was now called the cameras hub, which the hub stands for helping the underserved, be loved and belong. And so I was invited into that conversation. And out of those several conversations that were happening, the Dream Center came to pass and so basically, we are Had careers Health Alliance dental services in the space that we're going to use for the Dream Center gate pregnancy Resource Center was also utilizing some of that space. But the first tenant to that space was one of our own ministries, which is now called cornfield market, which is a shopping experience food pantry. And the clients who are in need of food can come in, they have a shopping cart, and they go through and are able to take food items off the shelf, they're able to get me they're even able to get health and beauty aids when they shop in that space. And so those three organizations were already there at the Dream Center wasn't called the Dream Center. But they were already there. When we started and became an official Dream Center cooperative Christian ministry was the first nonprofit organization that said, we would like to be in that space. So they have brought their housing and finance and programs services is probably what they call it. You know, the overarching title would be program services. They've brought all of their programs services to the Dream Center. And so they just began to occupy that space about three weeks ago. Yeah. That's a long story to me.


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No, that's okay. It took almost the entire first segment, but that's okay.



Sorry, no,


Jason Huddle  11:28

that's okay. But when we get back from the break, I'm going to go to a break. But when we get back from that, I want to talk a little bit more in detail about who can come to the Dream Center, what who the people in the community you're really trying to reach and then also what the vision is for the future as the Dream Center grows. Is that cool? That sounds great. Great. So we will take a quick break. guys stick around for these messages from our sponsors, and we'll be back in just one minute. Look, I get it you're tired of paying for gyms you don't use or going to the gym and not getting the results you want. It's time to change how you approach your workout and House of stealing Concord with a customized workout program tailored to your needs plus nutrition and Lifestyle coaching houssam steel will help you finally meet your fitness goals plus how so steel is open 24 seven to fit your workout schedule check them out online at houses steel, NC comm or call 704-202-9636 houses steel. The personalized fitness experts and lending a mortgage group wants you to remember three letters when you're buying a home to take away the guesswork by knowing how much you qualify for and what information you'll need to provide beat the sellers expectations by closing in under 29 days on average and D deliver the next best thing to a cash offer giving you the advantage over other potential buyers with our TBD process closing it's faster and easier than ever before call Matt dinner he had 704-201-9603 to experience the Atlantic Bay mortgage group difference today loan program patience any topic or availability of bV a bumpy ride has depended on individual life scenario information deemed reliable but not guaranteed all on site to income verification credit approval property a person not a limited lender.


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Welcome back. We are joined once again by Pastor Gwynn's towers of multiply church. In the first segment, she talked about how this Dream Center came to be the vision for it. And now I want to get down to the nitty gritty pastor Gwynn and talk about who are we trying to reach with the Dream Center. there obviously a need in the community who are the people that you are really trying to get the word out to most of the people who come through the Dream Center are what we would consider the underserved in our community. However, anyone who is in need and COVID



has certainly proven that it doesn't matter the demographic that you are, everyone has a need at some point in life. And we do our best to help meet the needs of anyone who walks through the doors of the Dream Center. If they have a need and for example clearance Health Alliance, their dental services, anyone who's in need of dental services can come there. You don't have to be part of an underserved demographic. A lot of people don't have dental insurance. And so anyone who needed dental services can come through there and they accept insurance. They also do pro bono work as well as sliding scale work.


Jason Huddle  14:30

Do they accept Medicaid as well?



They do. Yes. every agency in the Dream Center is Medicaid approved if there is such a thing because I mean, cooperative Christian ministries wouldn't need to be medicated. But because of the collaboration that happens in the Dream Center and this is the really beautiful thing that happens. Anyone who has a need for example, we do have two case managers for the Department of Human Services and can be approved for Medicaid there. If they needed food, then they could refer them to corner filled market. And a person could go over there and shop for food at the same time that they're getting your approval for Medicaid.


Jason Huddle  15:14

That's incredible. And let me ask you real quick why you just mentioned the corner field market again, is this a no questions asked kind of a place where you can just come in? They don't, you don't have to prove that you need the food? Or how does that work?



It does. I mean, the the amount of food that you get is based on your family size, we do have some criteria that we have to go by simply because some of the agencies that provide food for us require us to ask a few questions. Sure, pretty much anyone is eligible, a little bit based on income, but mostly based on family size, and what you tell us your need is, and I think that's probably the case with every agency there. If If there's something you know, that they're offering you, they are going to try to help you with your financial resources to steward that better. A lot of people don't understand budgeting and finance. So you come through DHS or with cooperative Christian ministry, they are going to teach you how to do budgeting and, and finance and and steward your resources well, so that you can find stable housing. And that's that's a huge issue in cabarrus. County, probably across the nation. But that is one that we're trying to hit very strongly on, how can we get people into stable housing. And so part of that is understanding budgeting. And


Jason Huddle  16:45

I love this, because it's not just about meeting an immediate need. It's about instruction on how to get them out of that rut that that vicious cycle that tends to be unrelenting. But if Yeah, if you can teach them how to budget and help them to be employable, those are things that were eventually they don't have to come to you for help.



Right. Exactly. And they become, you know, one of the voices now for how you can come up out of poverty and into a level of prosperity. So yeah, I mean, we that's the whole goal, there's four initiatives that a person needs to come up out of poverty, and that is socio economic support, healthcare support, mental health care support, and statistics have proven the faith based initiatives. And so our goal is to get all four of those elements into the Dream Center, in order to help people and but our tagline that we've come up with is been to rebuild lives, and restore hope, by meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our community. And when we do that, then it is proven that people will come up out of poverty, and to be able to be solid community leaders. And so we're, we're really excited about where this is going to go.


Jason Huddle  18:17

That's wonderful. Do you know of a success story already from the someone who has come through the Dream Center?



I do there. And this is a single father. This actually was a story that began at the very beginning of the Dream Center initiative, but it was a young man who actually came into multiply church, and he was in need of housing, and he had a young daughter and his father, his parents lived down in Greenville, South Carolina, and he was driving to Concord every day to work. And he loved the job that he had wasn't making a lot of money, I don't think but he still he wanted to keep this job. He had had to drop out of college early on, and he had a daughter and he ended up raising the daughter all by himself. And she was only about five years old at the time. Because they came to us for housing, we were able to refer them to cooperative Christian ministry. And he was able to get into the program of cooperative Christian ministry. They were able to put him in transitional housing because of where he was right then he now has gone through that program has learned budgeting has learned finance has learned of his need for God involvement in his life and his daughter has been able to get scholarships for actually a private education. And, and he is there are some more surprises on the horizon for him but he is now out of transitional housing. He's in stable housing. He's paying his own way. He's able to pay all his bills without any resources from any other agencies at this time. And hopefully very soon, you'll be able to go back into college and complete his degree, his original degree was in social work. So he's certainly going to champion the cause as he's moving along his journey, he's definitely going to champion what's happening in our county to help people who are in situations like he was. That's wonderful.


Jason Huddle  20:29

So in the last couple of minutes we have, I'd love to know what your vision is for the future of the Dream Center, how you see it growing. And then also, if there are people out there in the community that would like to get involved or would like to donate to the Dream Center, please tell us how they can do that.



Well, I'm going to hit that first. If you want to get involved, you can just go to the careers Dream Center comm website, and it gives you all the agencies that are involved at the Dream Center. And if you're wanting to serve, you just click a button, if you want to donate, you just click a button, it's just a one click thing, I'm pretty sure we've tried to make it as simple as possible. In order to do that, as far as the future goes, we are bringing in mental health or behavioral health wellness services, we will have a Christian based counseling center there that has over 16 providers in that space, adult and Teen Challenge, which is Addiction Recovery Program has an 80% retention rate of recovery. Once you go through that program, they're going to be there, there will be eventually a psychiatrist and neurologist and a nutritionist in that space. And on the Dream Center website, you can see all the agencies that are affiliated with us, and how you can either serve with those or get connected to one of those if you need those services. Also, part of the vision for the future is to have a temporary daycare service there so that any of the clients who come through would be able to drop their child off in a very healthy environment, they could get a snack, they will leave clean. And if they were divers, they'll leave dry. And just for an hour or two, they'll be able to stay there while the parent gets the services that they need without having to have their children underfoot. And then we are also trying to for the future to build mini hubs, if you will, all over the county to be able to go to the people instead of the people having to come to us. And we hope to get more churches involved in that initiative as well, to be able to provide the same things in different parts of the county and just grow from there and see what happens. I will tell you I've been told, as we're wrapping this up, I've been told that this initiative that we're doing is unheard of in any other county in the United States, because we're bringing governmental agencies, non governmental agencies, nonprofit agencies, faith based initiatives, all together in one location and that is unheard of. So we are really setting the bar high here in cabarrus. County. Yes, you are. It is an incredible initiative. And my hat's off to you and multiply church for pulling this off getting it started and serving our community in the way you do. Pastor gwynns towers. Thank you so much for being on the program today. Thank you so much, Jason. It's an honor. Thank you so much.


Jason Huddle  23:36

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I would like to thank once again pasture wins towers from multiple Life Church for being our guest on the program today. I really appreciate the vision that this church has for our community and all the things that they are Doing to backup that vision with things like the cupbearer stream center. I realize a project like this is a collaboration of many people, but I commend them on leading the charge. For something like this. I think it's a great addition to our community. I encourage you, if you have time to volunteer at the Dream Center, maybe you should consider doing that. Or if you would like to donate the address for more information on that is Kabira dream And we're going to put that in our show notes as well. In case you didn't have a chance to write that down just now. Next week will be Episode 100. upfront with comparison magazine. I cannot believe that we have done this 100 times or at least we'll have next week I want to take a look at some of the most outrageous moments of upfront over the past two years. It's going to be very interesting to look at how far we've come since the beginning of 2019 I'm very excited to bring this to you. Please join us next week for Episode 100 up front wicker Barris magazine which by the way, is a presentation of cavco Media Group and is sponsored by Atlantic Bay mortgage group, Ben mind and family of dealerships careers Healthcare Foundation, Geico Concord Mills office houses steel level up Realty and new hope Worship Center. It is produced and hosted by yours truly Jason Huddle until next week. start living the dream

Episode 99: Dream a Little Dream

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